Insight Gathering

We choose the most appropriate method or methods which we believe will provide us with the most authentic customer voice.

We are experts in actively listening to this voice, interpreting it and bringing it to life in our presentations and reporting. We provide marketing insight through interpretation, whether it’s for a bank needing to understand its customers in more depth, or a supermarket wanting to understand a category in more detail.

“There are different types of sushi eater.”

This insight led to an extended range being developed specially adapted for each group.

Telling it like it is in Food.

“Blind testing food and drink products asks questions around the quality of many a famous brand.”

This ongoing work helped in the development of a major retailer’s advertising campaign which went on to be voted ad of the year by the British public.

Telling it like it is in Food.

“There’s more to cleaning a caravan than might initially meet the eye.”

This insight inspired a major car cleaning product manufacturer to create a product range specifically for caravanners.

Telling it like it is in Transport.

“Even well trained sales consultants can sometimes let down their guard down.”

This mystery shopping project continues to prove invaluable for a major house-builder.

Telling it like it is in Construction.

“Most mums would love an alternative to dragging their poorly children down to A&E.”

This insight helped in the development of a campaign to promote the wide range of health services available to mothers from the NHS.

Telling it like it is in Healthcare.

“Knitting’s not just for mums.”

This work helped a major publisher promote and target its new knitting magazine beyond the image of the stereotypical knitter.

Telling it like it is in Leisure & Tourism.